Costa Concordia, a wreck in Italy

Disaster of the Costa Concordia falls just before the one hundredth anniversary of a much worse disaster at sea. Everyone knows the story of Titanic, the biggest ship of its time, which sank in the Pacific Ocean. A tragedy in which about two thousand people died. A very similar story happened in Italy, with the ship “Costa Concordia”. Luckily there was only twenty deaths.

In the night, after dinner, the ship hits a rock. Passengers realized it was happening something strange but the responsible told them it was only an electrical problem. Then ship starts to turn onto its side and panic spreads throughout the ship, because as someone says the crew wasn’t organized. Some passengers also says that the movement of the ship was so quickly that many lifeboats could not be lowered into the water. So somebody jump into the and swam towards the land, and other was picked by helicopters. Now the concern is that the ship could move off and be completely submerged, with his 2.500 tons of fuel.

Shortly after the event, the ship’s Captain, Mr. Schettino was arrested because the ship’s owner blamed him because he had made an  unapproved change in direction and brought the ship too close. Schettino would have also been the first to leave the ships, refusing orders to get back on the ship. Obviously he says it isn’t true, fact is that if there had been more organization in every responsible now we wouldn’t have cried deaths.